Do I Need New Brakes?

July 3rd, 2018 by

Car mechanic Repairing brakes on car

If you’ve heard unusual sounds or experienced sluggish handling, you might wonder “Do I need new brakes?” While a trip to the service department is always the fastest way to diagnose your car woes, Jeffrey Honda is here to highlight the top five warning signs that your car could use some help.

Red Flags

From brake fluid leaks to high-pitched noises, faulty brakes generally give off signals before they go out completely. Here are the top five signs you may notice:

  1. Look at your brake pads for wear periodically. You should notice at least ¼ inch of pad against the rotor, or it’s time to get them replaced.
  2. A high-pitched squealing noise can also indicate that your brake pads are heavily worn.
  3. What if you hear your brakes grinding? Your disc and calipers are rubbing together, which can warp the rotors.
  4. Spongy brakes and reduced responsiveness might mean a brake fluid leak. Look for fluid under the car.
  5. Vibrations can be a sign of misalignment or warped rotors, so consider getting a check-up!

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