How to Change a Flat Tire

January 8th, 2019 by

Service technician fixing a tire. Every driver needs to know how to change a flat tire in case of emergencies on the road, and luckily, changing a flat tire is not nearly as challenging as many drivers think. As long as you have the right tools and knowledge by your side, there’s no stopping you on the roads of St. Clair Shores and Sterling Heights. Check out our step-by-step guide and find out how to change a flat tire on a car like a pro!

Tools You Will Need

There’s no better time than the present to take inventory of your car supplies. While most cars are packed with everything that you need to change a flat tire, you might find a few pieces missing over time. Plus, if you have changed tire sizes or invested in a set of winter tires, you might need a new spare. Here are the tools you will need before you proceed:

  • Vehicle owner’s manual
  • Lug wrench
  • Fully inflated spare tire
  • Car jack

Optional items like wheel wedges, gloves, flashlights, and rain gear can also come in handy!

Steps for Changing a Flat Tire

If you notice strange car noises and a bumpy ride, it’s time to pull off into a safe area to see what’s going on with your car. Flip on your hazards, put on your parking brake, and get ready.

  • Place wedges behind the wheels. If you don’t have wheel wedges, bricks or large rocks will do.
  • Remove the wheel cover and loosen the nuts counterclockwise with your lug wrench.
  • Place the jack beneath a flat section of the frame and raise the vehicle about six inches.
  • Unscrew the lug nuts completely and remove the flat tire.
  • Mount the spare tire on the lug bolts and tighten the lug nuts by hand.
  • Lower the vehicle to barely touch the ground and re-tighten the lug nuts with the wrench.
  • Lower the vehicle completely and remove the jack.
  • Replace the wheel cover and double check your tire pressure.
  • Schedule your service as soon as possible!

Learn More with Jeffrey Honda

Now that you know how to change a flat tire, feel free to drop by Jeffrey Honda near Grosse Pointe for supplies. Have other vehicle questions, like what your alternator does, how to wash your car, or how to save money on gas? Contact us at any time!

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