Leather Car Seat Care Tips

These leather car seat care tips can help you battle normal wear and tear from dirt, sweat, and spills. Once you know how to care for leather car seats, your car’s upholstery will look beautiful for years to come. Cruising through Grosse Pointe, riding through Roseville, and carpooling in St. Claire Shores will be a pleasure if you use the best way to maintain leather car seats along with your other maintenance.

Cleaning Leather Seats

First, vacuum your seats to remove dust and loose dirt. Then, start with a small section in case your cleaning agent damages the leather. Use a mild cleaning solution, or make your own with three parts vinegar and one part water. Scrub each section and then wipe it with a microfiber towel. Don’t let the solution dry. The best way to maintain leather car seats is to follow this process every month or so.

Conditioning Leather Seats

The other key step is to use leather conditioner monthly to keep your seats soft and preserve the color. Make sure the leather is dry. Then apply a generous amount, and let it sit for 20-30 minutes.