How to Unlock a Steering Wheel

Locking steering wheels are one of those features that can save a life in some very specific situations, but for many drivers, the feature ends up being a nuisance. If your Honda steering wheel is locked, this advice from our experts at Jeffrey Honda on how to unlock a steering wheel should help. And if the problem persists, you can always contact us directly. We’re happy to help with any and all car needs!

Why is the Wheel Locking Unintentionally?

The steering wheel locking mechanism is meant as an extra precaution when you’re parked on an incline—just one of many safety features. In theory, if your brakes fail, the wheel lock should stop your car from rolling downhill into Lake St. Clair. Still, why does the steering wheel sometimes lock unintentionally? If you’ve ever grabbed your wheel for support while entering or exiting your vehicle while running errands in St. Clair Shores, you probably activated the lock by accident. Hopefully, our instructions below can save you a few minutes of random fiddling!

Unlocking Your Steering Wheel

Thankfully, it’s easy to unlock your steering wheel. You’ve probably done it by accident already without even realizing it. To unlock the wheel on your Honda:

  • Pull down in the same direction you yanked the wheel when you initially locked it.
  • If you’re not sure which direction to go, try both directions. You’ll know the correct direction when you feel the wheel move a bit.
  • While holding your wheel in the correct direction, put your key into the ignition and start your car. If the wheel remains locked, your car doesn’t start, or both, try turning the wheel the other direction and repeating this step. One or the other has to work.
  • Voilà: you now have an unlocked steering wheel!

And remember, yanking down on the wheel while getting in or out of your car is what’s causing the Honda steering lock to engage. If you can avoid using the wheel for leverage, you should do so.

How to Lock a Steering Wheel Intentionally

If you know you’ll be away from your vehicle in an unfamiliar location for an extended amount of time, you’ll also want to know how to lock your steering wheel on purpose. This can make it more of a struggle for anyone trying to access your vehicle. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but also it’s an easy task do to before you lock your vehicle:

  • Simply turn off your vehicle and remove the keys from the ignition.
  • Turn your wheel to either side until you hear a click.
  • Then, your wheel will be locked until you return with your keys and start your vehicle.

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