Collision Deductible Reimbursement

Jeffrey Automotive Family Collision Deductible Reimbursement Plan

If You suffer a Loss during the Coverage Period for any vehicle listed on Your Master Auto Policy, You may be entitled to reimbursement of the Covered Auto Deductible. Reimbursement will be equal to the Covered Auto Deductible on the Auto Policy, up to $500 per Loss.

  • Reimburses up to $500 Per Loss when claim is filed and paid with primary insurance carrier for Collision Claims.
  • Loss means an event for which the auto insurance company has approved & paid a claim which exceeds the Covered Auto Deductible for a collision claim.
  • Benefit is effective upon date of enrollment and will continue for three (3) years.
  • You must return to a Jeffrey Automotive Family location for repairs.

The Collision Deductible Reimbursement Does Not Cover the Following:

  • If the claim under the Master Auto Policy has been denied.
  • If the auto insurance company has waived the Covered Auto Deductible.
  • If the claim on the Auto Policy does not exceed the Covered Auto Deductible.
  • If the vehicle is used for commercial purposes or hire.
  • If the vehicle is a commercial vehicle as defined by the manufacturer.
  • Resulting from any kind of dishonest, fraudulent or criminal act, or illegal activity by you.
  • If member does not return vehicle to a Jeffrey Automotive Family location for repairs.

How to Redeem Benefit:

Call Jeffrey Honda Automotive Family at 1-888-799-7354 to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle repaired. You must report the claim within ninety (90) days of the Loss or as soon as reasonably possible. The following required items, must be submitted to the Administrator at Jeffrey Honda Automotive Family and be postmarked within one-hundred eighty (180) days of Loss or as soon as reasonably possible:

  1. A fully completed Reimbursement Form obtained from Jeffrey Automotive Family. (See link below.)
  2. A copy of the Auto Policy, showing the vehicle is insured.
  3. A copy of the Auto Policy claim from the auto insurance company showing payment for the Loss, with the amount paid and the Covered Auto Deductible of the Auto Policy.
  4. Any other documents that the Administrator may reasonably request to validate a reimbursement.

Reimbursement Authorization Form Collision Center