Strange Car Noises

There’s nothing that ruins the peace and quiet of an early morning commute like strange car noises that you’ve never noticed before. While new car sounds can send drivers into a panic, the most important thing to do is listen closely. The more information that you have about the sources of the noise, the better your chances of accurately diagnosing the problem.

Do you notice a grinding sound when starting car or a high-pitched squeaking while braking? Is the sound from inside the cabin or under the hood? Some drivers even use old stethoscopes to pinpoint the location of the noises! Once you have an idea of where the sound could be, take a look at our list of common strange car noises:

High-Pitched Sounds

A loud squeal or squeak can cut through your driving playlist like a knife, but the culprit could be a variety of components:

  • Brakes: When your brake pads are overly worn, you’ll hear a squealing sound when you hit the brake pedal. It might even be time for new brakes.
  • Belts: If the squealing stops when the engine shuts down, your belt might be cracked or damaged. You may need a replacement or just an adjustment.
  • Weatherstripping: A high-pitched whistling inside the cabin might be due to a leak in your weatherstripping. If the whistling is outside the cabin, it might be a vacuum leak in your hoses.

Grumbles and Rumbles

Lower-pitched noises might be harder to hear, but once you identify them, you’ll have a tough time ignoring them on your daily drives through Grosse Pointe:

  • Muffler: Notice an unusual sound that’s unusually loud? Your muffler may have a hole in it.
  • Tires: If your car is ticking rhythmically, your tires might be the problem. Check your tread and see if you can schedule a rotation.
  • Suspension: Do you hear a loud clunk when you go over speed bumps? Your suspension system or shock absorbers may need some work.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis at Jeffrey Honda

If you’re ready to get rid of strange car noises for good, or need help getting a dent out, schedule your service at Jeffrey Honda near St. Clair Shores and Sterling Heights. We can diagnose your issue and get it solved quickly, so contact us today with your concerns. Want to learn more about car care? Find out why your car may be leaking!